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Coffee Experience Tour « From Crop to Cup »

Most visitors come to Rwanda for its mountain gorilla, but his not where the discovery ends. Rwanda is abounding with hidden secrets and the production of the best coffee worldwide.
For a coffee connoisseur, Lake Kivu shores offer the chance to experience one of the rarest coffees in the world. The unique climate and terrain allows for a very high quality coffee to be grown which has a very distinct taste. The Arabica beans are grown here between 1468-1600 meters in some of the most picturesque farms one could think of.
On this trip, We will take you up close and personal with this coffee, You meet the farmers, help in the farm (depending on the time of year, either harvest, tend, sort), visit the production chain processes and end up drinking that very coffee, which was traditionally roasted right in front of your eyes.
The coffee crop to cup experience will change your perspective about the coffee staring at you right now!